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We were always slightly different from the rest. And it was hard to articulate that. We never wanted to do business just to make money, but we also never had that strong urge to build something huge and change the world.

We found out that we don't want to be employees, it felt like our creativity and passion was dying that way. We also realized that building a VC backed startup which is destined to become a unicorn isn't something we want either. And believe us - we had the best of the best VCs on the call.

We are still figuring out what makes us so different. But right now we want to create a sustainable way of making a good living by doing what we enjoy - building purposeful products that should exist.

We also believe that there are more and more people that feel the same way. That's why we decided to open our journey to everyone. So others can discover their passion, articulate it in their own way and live a good life.

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Why we didn't take VC funding after talking to 30 VCs

We want to be our own boss. We want things to be how we feel they are right. We want to have the freedom to work day and night on things that we find interesting and to delegate things that we don't like doing.ย 
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How we saved our indie coworking from COVID and got into growth mode

When COVID hit the first time, we lost 80% of our little independent coworking space revenue within a month ๐Ÿ˜ฑ.
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For anyone who struggles with creating content

In our 7 years journey of doing business, we tried many different ways to create content. And we finally found a sustainable way to produce content that has an impact.
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Some weeks are more tiring than others - Weekly Backstage of a Product Team #2


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