Do I need this?

We feel you

You are browsing around and think "this smells good... I want some of it". But you don't really know how we can interact together and all the metaphors of smells and permaculture stuff will not work with your boss or colleague (or maybe you ARE the boss 😃).

You're actually not even sure how to present us - a collective? An agency? A startup? An invention of your mind? Do we even exist?

Let's be as clear as possible so you can decide if sprinting with us makes sense for you.


We are not an agency

Our hybrid organisation is composed of an international multi-skilled team. We are pretty good and efficient at thinking and building digital products and services. We sometimes do it for ourselves and sometimes for clients. We enjoy working with clients because we love the human interaction and empathy it provokes within us. It is also a good way to generate cash to sustain our organisation.

It's relevant to picture us as a S.W.A.T. team for your company.
Just another metaphore.

To whom we can bring the most value?

Clients we create the most value for are people who resonate with our approach. Our happiest customers actually work with us to get some of our secret sauce first. And it starts with the energy and collective intelligence we can spread within their teams.

What makes our potential relationship with you sustainable is that we get the job done. But not only that.

More than creativity, we have a strong business and product approach, centered around your end users or customers.

So if you are looking for a fruitful business relationship in which you get more than simple execution and enjoy the process of being challenged for the better, we will have a strong match together.

You will not only get a team that "executes" fast but mostly an external brain to collaborate with in an exciting relationship.

🏃 Client sprints

Let's Sprint together to solve your most interesting challenges

Every 2 months, we accept a client with an exciting challenge and work together for 1 to 4 weeks with a clear goal in mind: getting things done with style.

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Scaling startups
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🛰 Satellite Products

An external tool or project leveraging your core business.

💻 No-Code Boost

Better understand NoCode to get the most out of it and streamline your existing workflow.

🏃 Sprint Design

From an intention or challenge to prototype tested by real users in only 5 days.